Limited offerings are only available on draft, both in our taproom and at discerning bars and restaurants. *Now pouring* indicates this beer is available in our taproom.


Smoke Beers / Rauchbier

Live Oak’s smoke beers (or rauchbier) hearken to the days when the malt used in brewing was roasted over an open fire, imparting it with a smokiness that ultimately fell out of the profile with the advent of modern malting techniques. Breweries in Bamberg, Germany, have continued making smoke beers for more than two centuries. Live Oak honors the tradition for your enjoyment at our “Bamberg on the Colorado”.

Heller Rauch

OG = Original Gravity. We measure this in degrees Plato. The Plato scale expresses the amount of fermentables in a solution as a percentage of extract by weight. This is also a gauge of beer strength. For example, beers in Europe are labeled as 12ºP instead of ~5.0% ABV.

ABV = Alcohol by Volume. This is measured as the amount of ethanol in the beer as a percentage of total volume. Most of our beers are around 5% ABV.

IBU = International Bittering Units. This refers to the amount of isomerized hop resins in the beer. Essentially, it is the perceived bitterness you will experience. The higher the number, the more bitter the beer will be.