Live Oak Brewing Beer to Go!

Beer to go hours are Sunday-Thursday 12-8pm Friday & Saturday 12-10pm. Please have your ID’s ready!

The Black Forest will also be open!

We are also offering purchase of Beer-to-Go through our Merch store! Pay online, then come pick it up! REMEMBER! THE 1 CASE PER PERSON, PER DAY, TABC RULE STILL APPLIES! Want more beer? Another person, 21 or older, has to place an order, with a different card, and must be present at time of pick up!

Currently Available as of 9/03/21

Year Round and Seasonal Beers- $12

Limited and Taproom only Beers- $12

  • Juicemeister IPA. Juicemeister is a new school hazy, juicy IPA packed to the gills with Nelson Sauvin, Strata, Ekuanot, Sabro, and Simcoe, hops. Brewed with 50% wheat malt, and Kveik yeast. 7.0% ABV $12 (6pk)
  • Gose. A Berliner Weisse-style beer with the addition of coriander and salt. Refreshing, lemony, and tart. 3.2% ABV $12 (6pk)
  • Cörnsch. A corn kolsch collaboration with St. Elmo Brewing. Brewed with St Elmo’s house ale yeast to ferment a light bodied, 25% corn adjunct crusher. Hopped with the new German aroma and flavor darling, Callista. 4.4% ABV (6pk)
  • Oaktoberfest. Munich-Style Lager.  Noble hops balance this rich malty fullness with a subtle smooth hop character. A fall classic. 5.8% ABV (6pk)
  • Smoaktoberfest. Smoked version of our fall classic, Oaktoberfest. Using traditional beechwood smoked barley malt, this lager is cloaked in a pleasant balance of smoke, malt and hops.
  • Black is Beautiful. Black American Lager. Schwarzbier meets Festbier with Cascade Hops. A bright, black, and beautiful beer with hints of chocolate. Live Oak Brewing is donating the proceeds of this beer to The Austin Justice Coalition. 5.8% ABV $12 (6pk)
  • Kleines Bier. a small beer with a sizable hop bouquet combining our favorite noble Czech and German hops, a lager beer that is as light as it is flavorful. 3.2% ABV $12 (6pk)
  • Kletus Maizenbock. A Doppelbock brewed with corn grits and beechwood smoked barley malt. A very pale, very smoked, bright lager beer. This beer is a flavor adventure. 7.8% ABV $10 (6pk)
  • Old Tree Hugger Barley Wine. A wine-strength ale made entirely with our base barley malt true to the English tradition. 10% ABV $15 (4pk)