Live Oak Brewing Company, COVID-19, and YOU!

Hello Friends! We know it’s pretty crazy out there. There is a lot of uncertainty as we watch COVID-19 spread. We want to take a moment to let you know what we are doing at Live Oak! Please note that this could change in a moment’s notice. We are following the guidelines and updates from the CDC, WHO, and Travis County and will update accordingly. In addition, we are asking if you are not feeling well, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE! We are also asking our employees that are feeling under the weather to stay home.

Visiting the Brewery

Staff and customer safety is our top priority! Below is a guide to visiting our brewery. We ask that you please read through the guidelines carefully in order to have the best experience we can offer at this time.

  • Beer orders will be handled at the table outside of the taproom doors
  • Beer to Go hours are Sun-Wed 12-7pm Thurs-Sat 12-9pm, Biergarten hours are Thurs-Sat 12-9 Sun 12-7pm The Black Forest food truck will also be open!
  • Tables are arranged according to social distancing guidelines. Limit of 5 customers per table. We ask that customers remain seated unless they are ordering, throwing trash away, or going to the restroom
  • Taproom and Merch room will remain closed to customers
  • Social distancing and masks are required when ordering.
  • Sanitizer for customer use will be made available
  • Customers are asked to bus their own tables when they are leaving. Trash/recycling cans and tubs will be easily accessible
  • Our restrooms are available to use, but we ask that customers wear a mask when coming inside since social distancing guidelines cannot be guaranteed
  • When parking in our parking lot, please be aware of the “Beer & Food TO-GO” parking signs. These spaces are for to go customers only and make it easier for us to see and serve customers that do not wish to leave their vehicle.


We are still operating our beer to go system. Hours are Sun-Wed 12-7pm and Thurs-Sat 12-9pm. Please have your IDs ready! When you get here, please pull in the spaces next to The Black Forest food tuck. Online menu available here!

We are also offering purchase of Beer-to-Go through our Merch store! Pay online, then come pick it up! REMEMBER! THE 1 CASE PER PERSON, PER DAY, TABC RULE STILL APPLIES! Want more beer? Another person, 21 or older, has to place an order, with a different card, and must be present at time of pick up!

Sales and Delivery

  • All sales team members and delivery drivers will have sanitizer and sanitizing wipes in their vehicles.
  • Team Members will be wearing gloves during their stops, and changing them after each drop.
  • All equipment, clipboards, folders, pens, pencils, phones, etc, will be wiped down.

Packaging Team

  • Wipe down and spray all surface areas.
  • Team members will be wearing gloves.
  • Sanitizer bottles in the packaging area.