Disc golf, also known as Frisbee golf, and craft beers make a winning combination, especially in Austin, Texas. It’s just something to do with balmy weather, friendly competition and ultimate relaxation that brings out the distinctive flavor of European-style beer done right. If you are wondering where to play disc golf in Austin with access to the best beer in Austin, look no further than our nine-hole disc course at Live Oak Brewing Company. 

What’s So Special About Disc Golf in Austin?

Rice University in Houston was one of the first locations where people participated in organized disc golf way back in the 1960s. Although they used trees as targets for their Frisbee throws, the game eventually developed into a sport played on official courses with official rules. By 1976, sport enthusiast Ed Headrick had established the Professional Disc Golf Association and the Recreational Disc Golf Association. He also helped to establish official rules for play. 

Disc golf has come into its own as the fourth fastest-growing sport in the U.S. With approximately 400 new courses added annually from 2007 through 2017, more and more Americans are able to participate, and the professional disc golf circuit holds several established tournaments each year. 

The state of Texas boasts hundreds of disc golf course scattered throughout the region, and Austin enjoys a concentration of those courses. The city is the central location for one of the largest retailers of disc golf equipment, Disc Nation, and you would be hard pressed to find an Austin resident who has not either played the game or knows someone who has, according to sports blogger and journalist Michael LoRĂ©. Because disc golf is available in most sectors of the city, inexpensive, easy and fun to enjoy with friends, it has become the go-to sport for people to get outdoors and enjoy themselves. 

No matter your experience, from tossing a Frisbee with your dog in the park to competitor-level expertise, you will find a lot to love about the game. Add the enjoyment of delicious craft brews to the mix, and you will find yourself making time for frequent visits to Live Oak Brewing Company whenever you feel the need for a relaxing micro getaway. 

Disc Golf: The Basics

The rules of play are similar to traditional golf, although the equipment, a specially-designed disc with beveled edges and raised holes with chain nets, are a bit different. If you are new to the game, you might want to warm up on the disc golf putting course with a few practice tosses and a can of your favorite brew, and then you’ll be good to get going on the nine-hole course at our brewery. 

The basic rules you should be familiar with include:
  • Each throw of the disc equals one stroke, and the player with the lowest score at the end of the course is the winner.
  • You must start each hole from behind the tee marker.
  • The precise spot where your throw lands is called the lie. You must make your next throw from just behind your lie.
  • The player with the lowest score on the previous hole is the first to tee off on the next one.
  • Thereafter, the player whose disc is farthest from the hole throws first.
  • If a disc settles above the ground, such as in a tree, it is technically unplayable.
  • When the lie is unplayable, the player must make the next throw directly below the spot where the disc came to rest.
Additionally, practicing the following rules of etiquette while you are on the disc golf course will go a long way in keeping things fun: 
  • Remain still while others are throwing.
  • Stand behind the player whose turn it is to throw.
  • If a faster group of players is waiting on you, offer to let them play through.
  • Avoid littering the course.
  • Avoid damaging vegetation.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Disc Golf

There’s no need to worry about playing like a pro on our recreational disc golf course, but the tips to follow can help you develop skills that make playing more fun. 

  1. Relax. You will make longer, more accurate throws if you maintain flexibility in your shoulders, arms and wrists. 
  2. Ditch the run-up. You have more control if you throw from a stationary position or, if you prefer, taking a few slow steps before the release. 
  3. Learn the backhand and forehand throws to begin with, and practice these in your backyard or neighborhood park. 
  4. As a beginner, start with a lighter, less stable disc. It helps you learn control while providing more distance with less force. 
  5. Be easy on yourself. Impatience only tenses you up, so let loose and have fun. 

How to Do Beer and Disc Golf Right

Start with the best beer in Austin, only available right here at Live Oak Brewing Company. Stop into our taproom first, and grab a can of your favorite to quench your thirst out on the course. After your game, relax in our open-air Biergarten with good friends and great beer. Our German-style brews are crisp and tasty, the perfect foil for whatever the weather is currently dishing up. You have a host of refreshing brews to choose from, such as: 

Join In Austin’s Favorite Sport with Austin’s Favorite Beer

Stop by and see us at Live Oak Brewing Company and find out what Austin’s beer and sports enthusiasts alike are talking about. Conveniently located near Austin-Bergstrom International Airport just a short drive from downtown, we treat you to a micro vacay Sunday through Saturday. Get in touch for directions and more information today.