Live Oak Brewing Beer to Go!

Hours are Sunday-Thursday 12-8pm Friday & Saturday 12-10pm. Please have your ID’s ready!

Due to our limited staff on the weekends, if you are wanting to purchase beer to go, please come up to our service table! The Black Forest will also be open!

We are also offering purchase of Beer-to-Go through our Merch store! Pay online, then come pick it up! REMEMBER! THE 1 CASE PER PERSON, PER DAY, TABC RULE STILL APPLIES! Want more beer? Another person, 21 or older, has to place an order, with a different card, and must be present at time of pick up!

Currently Available as of 5/5/21

Year Round and Seasonal Beers- $12

Limited and Taproom only Beers- $12

  • Uno Pils. A collaboration with Escarpment Labs. Pilsner fermented with the very first lager yeast to be isolated and characterized by Emil Hansen at the Carlsberg Brewery in 1890. 4.8% ABV $12 (6pk)
  • Kletus Maizenbock. A Doppelbock brewed with corn grits and beechwood smoked barley malt. A very pale, very smoked, bright lager beer. This beer is a flavor adventure.
  • Baltic Porter. A true Baltic porter. Cleanly lagered for a bountiful malt onslaught. 7.2% ABV $12(6pk)
  • Sticke Alt Beer. Beechwood smoked alt offers a sophisticated malt profile with some additional fruitiness from the kolsch yeast along with a firm noble bitterness. 6% ABV $12 (6pk)
  • Hellbock. A bock-strength, pale, German-style lager. 6.66% ABV $12(6pk)
  • Heller Rauch. Pale, smoky lager. Beechwood-smoked barley flavor is punctuated by a perfect noble hop character. Fermentation with German lager yeast leaves the beer dry, but well-rounded. Crisp and light. 4.4% ABV $12 (6pk)
  • Old Tree Hugger. Barley Wine. A wine-strength ale made entirely with our base barley malt true to the English tradition. 10% ABV $20 (4pk)