Hefeweizen, Live Oak, Bavarian-style

Hefeweizen, both the City and the Brew…is a tongue twister…go ahead, try saying that three times without fumbling!  Modeled after Bavaria, one of the most popular and scenic destinations in Germany, Hefeweizen the beautiful city boasts first-class architecture, food, museums, and a rich history.    Filling your glass with this Live Oak straw-colored brew will transport you directly into the hub of Bavaria (well maybe not but we can dream right?) Featuring equal parts wheat, barley, and a few hops this unique beer has a robust one-of-a-kind yeast strain that produces harmonious notes of clove, banana, and vanilla.

Proper execution of the classic idiosyncratic Bavarian style is perfectly at home here in Texas because of its larger than life taste. For a truly authentic Biergarten experience right here in Del Valle, we encourage you to skip the orange slice and just enjoy the unique taste in our taproom or your own living room!

Why We Made This:

With its hazy glow appearance and beautiful brilliant golden color when poured, this beer attributes a  meringue-like head that lingers to the bottom of the glass and is the epitome of how beer should look and taste. A subtler beer than it’s traditional German counterparts, this beer is perfect for the everyday connoisseur yet is bold enough to impress your hardest to please guest when entertaining. This is an impressive type of beer you’ll want to have in stock for any occasion.

OG: 13ºP    ABV: 5.3%    IBU: 10

Availability: Year-round on draft and in cans

Pairs well with: Any kind of cured pork: sausages with potato salad, smokey hams, salmon, richer seafood, Tex-Mex dishes, and weisswurst and pretzels.

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