Austin’s Original Brewery


Since 1997, Live Oak Brewing Company has been committed to producing delicious lagers and ales for the enjoyment of passionate beer drinkers of Austin, Texas, and beyond. We employ an old-world style of brewing rarely found in America but practiced extensively throughout central Europe. We source only the best authentic ingredients, and use a time-consuming mash and secondary lagering process. The result has achieved both regional and national acclaim, but more importantly, the satisfaction of loyal beer drinkers who appreciate our beer-making efforts.

In 2015 we moved out of our home of 19 years in East Austin. Our new brewery, nestled among majestic groves of live oaks along the Colorado River, is just minutes from downtown Austin. Our new location features a spacious taproom and the shadiest Biergarten in town. We opened our doors to the public in February 2016 and hope you’ll come see us soon!

About Smoked Beer (Rauchbier)

Live Oak’s smoke beers (or rauchbier) hearken to the days when the malt used in brewing was roasted over an open fire, imparting it with a smokiness that ultimately fell out of the profile with the advent of modern malting techniques. Breweries in Bamberg, Germany, have continued making smoke beers for more than two centuries. Live Oak honors the tradition for your enjoyment at our “Bamberg on the Colorado”.