Celebrate Krampusnacht at Live Oak Brewing Company


Calling all heathens! Don your Krampus best and celebrate the coolest winter holiday you’ve never heard of with Live Oak, Dead Music Capital Band, and The Black Forest! Featuring live brass band music, a torchlight parade, “scare-ol” singalongs, delicious German food, free family photos with Krampus by Vintage Muah Photography, and dark woodland festivities for the whole family! Free to attend!

Krampus Basket available for purchase!

We will also be celebrating the return of a winter favorite, Liberator Doppelbock!

Who or what is, Krampus?!?

Every year in early December, children in Austria get ready for St. Nicholas to visit them. If they’ve been good, he’ll reward them with presents and treats. But if they’ve been bad, they’ll get a lot more than a lump of coal—they’ll have to face Krampus. He’s the half-man, half-goat who comes around every year to chase naughty children.

European versions of St. Nicholas have long had scary counterparts like Belsnickle and Knecht Ruprecht who dole out punishment. Krampus is one such character who comes from folklore in Austria’s Alpine region, where he’s been frightening children and amusing adults for hundreds of years. Krampus and St. Nick’s other bad boys have their origins in pagan celebrations of the winter solstice. Later, they became part of Christian traditions in which St. Nicholas visited children to reward them on December 5 or 6. Around that time, his menacing partner would also visit kids to punish them. In Alpine Austria and some parts of Germany, this day was known as Krampusnacht, or “Krampus night,” when adults might dress up as Krampus to frighten children at their homes.