Live Oak Estate Honey

Our estate honey is naturally produced from our own hives on Live Oak property.  You can see them on the far west side of the property, on the right as you walk from the #7 disc golf tee-box to the basket.  The bees produce it from wildflowers, trees and plants near the brewery. 

    Our honey runs from a light golden color to a darker richer color and flavor.  The difference is due to the variety of flowers from which the bees collect their nectar and pollen.  Honestly, we couldn’t tell you exactly what flowers they use except that nearby we have an abundance of Retama, Huisache, Sunflower, Dewberry, Mesquite, Indian Blanket, Redbud, Persimmon, Mountain Laurel, Sage, Horsemint, Black-eyed Susan, Bluebonnet, Jasmine, Agarita and many others. 

    Our honey is raw, never heated, never frozen and not filtered.  Being unfiltered, it contains plenty of local pollen and is therefore prone to crystallization – that’s a good thing.  We care for our bees naturally and do not use chemicals in the process.  Unlike large commercial producers our bees are never moved around and lead a full, stress-free life suffering only from the occasional thump of an errant disc golf disc and, of course, they don’t seem to appreciate it when we rob their hives.  But you will appreciate it when you taste their beautiful product – this is truly delicious, healthy honey.

We have a very limited quantity available. If you’d like to purchase, please head over to our merch page.