We Aren’t Just About Beer

Craft beer is about a lot more than just the beer. If we were just about the beer, we could be in a huge industrial brewery cranking out flavorless beer on a rapid scale. We think Craft Beer is synonymous with community and the people that make up those communities. Small, local and independent breweries are increasingly becoming almost like community centers in that there are constantly fun events taking place under our roofs. One great part of our jobs here at Live Oak is getting to play host to your family and friends when you have something to celebrate. Whether it’s a party, wedding or other event, we have everything you need right under one roof (or tree canopy) to make it a huge success.

When you decide to have your next event at Live Oak, you’re really doing yourself a favor. Because our friends, The Black Forest, are permanently parked out back and cooking up the best German comfort food in Austin! People love hosting events with us because of our convenient location (we’re close to Austin Bergstrom International Airport – great for out of town family and friends!), excellent outdoor space and outstanding beer. Hosting a wedding or party with us takes the food and drink off your plate in one easy shot!

We Have More than Just Great Beer; you’ll Love Our Outdoor Spaces!

When the weather is nice, our biergarten is a great place to be; you can even fully or partially rent this space for a party or event. We have a killer disc golf course that is free to use – we just ask that you check in at the bar before heading out. We’d be happy to sell you a can or two of our awesome beer to keep you company while you throw the discs around, too!

Throwing a great party or event can hinge on the location, and since our biergarten is nice and shady, it makes a great outdoor event space even during the hotter months. Pair that with the awesome beer you get fresh from the source, and you have a winning combination for a great time.

If you’re hosting a party off site, Live Oak is the best choice to supply the beer you’ll need. Instead of playing to gimmicks and chasing fads, we take pride in producing traditional European style beers that appeal to all drinkers. People come together over beer, and having the right kinds to serve that appeal to the greatest number of your guests should be high on the priority list of any host. Whether you’re having a small get together at your house or a large event like a wedding, Live Oak’s brews will be a hit! Not sure how much beer you’ll need? We’ve got you covered! Our beer is readily available for purchase in cans almost anywhere in the Austin area where beer is sold. For even fresher beer, or to ask about renting one or more kegs, just give us a call! We are more than happy to help you provide the beer for your guests!

Not everyone going to your party might be a big beer drinker, or familiar with craft beer – that’s obviously ok! Our styles are clean and approachable, which means they are great for getting people interested in trying new kinds of beer. Most of our offerings are new-to-craft friendly, especially our Hefeweizen, Pilz, Gold and Big Bark. These beers have great flavor that won’t intimidate those used to drinking beer from cans that turn blue when they’re cold enough. By the end of the party, you might be able to convince some of these new craft converts to try our excellent Berliner Weisse or Grodziskie. The majority of our beers are 5% or below, which means they are great for a party atmosphere; people can drink a couple and still be in control of themselves. Think of Live Oak Beers as a great way to introduce your friends to craft beer!

So how do you get your non-craft beer drinking friends to get excited about the great Live Oak beer you’re serving at your party? Give them something that’s similar to what they’re used to. We have (much better) examples of big beer that your friends might drink. Know a Something Light fan? Toss them a can or pour them a cup of Gold, our North German style Pilsner. It is as light and refreshing as other mass-produced lagers, but has more freshness and flavor overall (and we don’t use corn syrup). If they like that, Pilz is a good next step as it has the same clean lager profile they’re used to, with a little more hop and malt flavor. Are they a Blue Moon drinker? Our Hefeweizen has way more flavor and is available year-round – no orange peels required! Rounding out the pairings is Big Bark, our Amber Lager. This is a tried and true example of an approachable craft beer, similar to – but better – than Dos Equis. It has a beautiful reddish color, mild flavor and super easy drinkability!

We’ve been doing our own thing at Live Oak since 1997, and the Austin community of beer drinkers, as well as people from around the country and the world have taken notice. Our beers are traditional, old world styles that have been popular on the Continent for hundreds of years in some cases. We brew our beer for quality and taste, not for ease. Our methods are very traditional, sometimes very complicated, and we go the extra mile to ensure that they are consistently excellent See our page with info on renting our biergarten, or contact us for more information on keg rentals, etc! Come check us out, we know you will leave happy!