Schuetzenverein Pils.

Introducing Schuetzenverein Pils. A time-travel collaboration w/ the Texas Historical Commission and the historic Kreische brewery. This pils is inspired by 1860s Texas lager brewing history. Made w/ 6row barley, wheat, corn grits, whole leaf Saaz hops, and our Saaz lager yeast strain of the old world lager brewers. Most excellent.

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Whole-flower bales of Noble hops impart a different flavor because of the increased leaf matter and their ability to be stored compared to the modern pellet. 

Text of a 1864 letter to Heinrich Kreische regarding hops for sale. In this case, the hops were likely smuggled through Mexico during the Civil War. 

“To Mr. Kreischer, La Grange

I take the liberty to inquire from you if you are perhaps at present time in need of a portion of hop for your business. At the beginning of this month I sold 5 bales to Mr. H. Schulte in Houston, who was very satisfied with it. As I have still 4 bales at hand, I am herewith asking you, if you can use them at 75 cents per lb., being the same price at which Mr. Schulte bought them from me. The hop is very well packed and I shall take care for a secure transportation from here. In case that you can make use of it at the mentioned price or that you don’t have use at all, I request you to let me know about thereof. The hop has been brought last year directly via Matamoras. Looking forward for a favorable reply from you I remain

                                                                                                Very truly yours, 

                                                                                                Geo. L. Hebge”

Heinrich Ludwig Kreische was a stone mason and used his skills to build the brewery w/ Colorado riverbed limestone. He also built the La Grange courthouse as well as the jail.