Smoke Beers

Live Oak’s smoke beers (or rauchbier) hearken to the days when the malt used in brewing was roasted over an open fire, imparting it with a smokiness that ultimately fell out of the profile with the advent of modern malting techniques. Breweries in Bamberg, Germany, have continued making smoke beers for more than two centuries. Live Oak honors the tradition for your enjoyment at our “Bamberg on the Colorado”.

Below you will find what smoke beers we brew. For an up to date taproom list head over to our Taproom page. Stay in the loop on our smoke beer releases by following us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Schwarzer Rauch

Schwarzer Rauch, or Black Smoke, is a smoked black lager. With balanced roasted malt flavor, this beer prominently features a beechwood smoke. This smokiness mingles with layers of darker malt flavors, braced by Noble hop character. Fermented cold and clean with our German lager yeast, this beer highlights the complexity that smoke adds to traditional dark lagers.

OG: 12ºP ABV: 4.8% IBU: 30

Hell Bock

A Bock-strength, pale, German-style lager brewed for the seasoned smoke beer drinker. Brimstone smoked pilsner malt balanced with noble hops allow the smoke character to shine through undeterred. Pay the Ferryman.

OG: 14.7ºP    ABV: 6.66% IBU: 26

Heller Rauch
Heller Rauch

Heller Rauch is a pale, smoky lager. Beechwood-smoked barley flavor is punctuated by a perfect Noble hop character. Fermentation with German lager yeast leaves the beer dry, but well-rounded. The special harmony of these elements creates a very refreshing and unique lagerbier.

OG: 11ºP ABV: 4.4% IBU: 20

Weisser Rauch

Weisser Rauch, or White Smoke, is a marriage of a traditional German HefeWeizen and a Rauchbier. The smoky phenol flavors of the weizen yeast become indistinguishable from the beechwood smoked barley malt. The familiar HefeWeizen flavors of clove and banana intermingle seamlessly. This complex beer is for the connoisseur and the smoke beer novice alike.

OG: 13ºP ABV: 5.3% IBU: 10


Smoaktoberfest is a smoked version of our fall classic, Oaktoberfest. Using traditional beechwood-smoked barley malt, this lager is pleasantly cloaked in smoke, malt, and hops. Noble hops offer a faint bitterness enveloped in the flavor of smoked malt. After fermentation with proper Bavarian lager yeast, we condition the beer to allow time to round out the malt character and to develop a clean, smoky finish. O’zapft Is!

OG: 15ºP ABV: 5.8% IBU: 20

Smoked Gose

Gose is a Berliner Weisse-style beer with the addition of coriander and salt. The pilsner base barley malt is smoked during the kilning process with beechwood providing a unique compliment to the refreshing lemony tartness from kettle-souring with Lactobacillus.

OG: 8ºP ABV: 3.2% IBU: 6

Grodziskie resurrects the last indigenous Polish beer style to go extinct in the twentieth century. Production ceased in Grodzisk in 1991. It is brewed using only oak-smoked wheat malt and assertively hopped like a pilsner. Even with a low ABV, the wheat malt delivers a full-bodied beer. The original Polish ale yeast strain ferments cold, alongside our lager yeast throughout lagering. Please enjoy this truly rare beer.

OG: 8ºP ABV: 3.0% IBU: 36

Looking for more info on smoke beers? We’ve got ya covered. Also, check out this great write up of a staff favorite, Grodziskie, by STAN HIERONYMUS over at Craft Beer & Brewing, titled “Grodziskie: Smoky, Hoppy, Mysterious, and so Much Fun to Drink”