Live Oak Pilz

Live Oak Pilz is a classic Bohemian-style golden lager, decoction-mashed with a single heirloom variety Moravian malt. Premium Saaz hops combine to produce a clean, crisp pilsner with complex malt flavor and spicy hop bitterness and aroma.

This is Austin’s Original Pilsner!

OG: 12ºP    ABV: 4.7%    IBU: 36

Availability: Year-round on draft and in cans

Paste Magazine recently voted Live Oak Brewing one of the 50 Best Breweries of the 2010s and names Pilz as one of their favorite beers! 

“You want influential beers? Look no further than Live Oak Hefe, or Pilz. God only knows how many others in their own mold they’ve inspired over the years. Live Oak is, more than anything, an uncompromising brewery. They don’t tweak their releases to suit changing styles and preferences—they do what they’re good at, what they have a passion for, and they rarely deviate from the classics.”

Now available in 12 packs!